“Living a very active lifestyle with work, fishing and golfing and having suffered injuries in the past I relied on Dr. Darr to keep me going.   If I did suffer an injury he was the first one I would see.”

James Barrett

“I started care with Dr. Darr many years ago with chronic pain and limited mobility from injuries sustained to my SI joints and lumbar region.  I am thankful for the consistent and continued attention to the effects on my spine from these injuries.  I have had moments when I have been seized up and each time you have preserved applying a variety of techniques to accomplish relief through your treatments.  I appreciate the massage tables to relax my muscles prior to my adjustments and I am glad you suggested a regular routine of adjustments so that I could realize the benefits of improved mobility that goes along with consistent and regular adjustments.  Prior to that my adjustments were too far apart and I would become too restricted and tense.  As a result of regular schedule of adjustments, I am moving more comfortably and with ease.   Thank You!”

Richard S. Browning

“I have had neck, jaw, upper/lower back, and hip issues for over 20 years.  I have been able to maintain my flexibility and mobility through regular chiropractic care and massage.  I have been a patient of Dr. Darr’s since 2001.  He is knowledgeable, compassionate, professional and sincere and I highly recommend his services.”

Colleen Hinrichs

“I have seen dozens of chiropractors over the years and even though have I moved to Denver I stop in whenever I can to get adjusted with Dr. Darr whenever I get the chance.  Of all the chiropractors I have seen I appreciate his low back adjustments the most.”

Jim Hoyt

“I first visited Dr. Darr on the advice of a friend and was looking for help with my chronic hip pain.  I had seen many other chiropractors and medical doctors without relief or answers.  After a few treatments Dr. Darr referred me to a specialist for a MRI of my hip and it demonstrated a torn labrum which required surgery to fix.  I am most appreciative of the direction and advice Dr. Darr provided.”